The following is and in-progress list of all modifications made to the ACS2:


  • Don't care and pass-through symbols (in ACS2 '#’) are represented as fully ranged UBR.
  • complement_marks() works if there is no previous value in the set


  • specialize() creates a fixed, narrow UBR like UBR(4, 4). Later on during another processes it can be generalized more.
  • is_more_general looks at average cover_ratio


  • cover_ratio function,
  • does_match_condition - analyzes incorporation (when doing subsumption)


  • Mark holds a set of encoded perception values that holds bad states for classifier


  • is_specializable looks inside range.


  • ALP implemented
  • Custom mutation in GA (condition and effect)


  • Maybe effect could return just encoded value, instead of UBR…
  • Specificity/generality should measure how wide is the UBR
  • Maybe u_max should hold information how specific condition should be (not just wildcards but spread)
  • In the end of ALP phase we should perform something like classifier merge
  • There is still very aggressive``generalize`` function in Condition part.
  • favour most general condition and least general effect
  • majority voting for best action
  • mutation should not check for lower/upper bounds. Let it be random (alleles might swap)
  • covering should add some random noise
  • mutation can shrink/broad both condition / effect